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Quick Facts


  • Face-to-Face (or Skype) Resort Interview
  • Staff Housing or Housing Assistance (* not all resorts/hotels come with staff housing)
  • Unsuccessful applicants receive program refund!
  • Free Season lift pass*! * Please note not all partners provide free season lift passes particularly some hotels. Please check with your TWHC specialist if your preferred employer comes with a free season lift pass. With our Hotel partners, staff are required to buy them as a lift pass is not required for their employment.
  • Invitation to our exclusive resort specific facebook groups
  • 1st Nights Free Accommodation Samesun Hostel Vancouver
  • Arrival Pack - Guide to Living & Working in Canada
  • Great Resort discounts on retail, rentals, food & beverage
  • Ongoing support from our Canadian specialists right up until you get to your resort
  • In-country support from Vancouver office (Friendly face on arrival) (Late Oct to early Dec ONLY)
  • Step-by-Step Visa Assistance
  • Meet & Greet Party on Arrival to Canada
  • Confirmed job offer months in advance of start date
  • Daily Orientations on arrival to Vancouver (between Mon-Fri only)

Working Holiday Canada | Ski resorts







It goes without saying that Canada is renowned around the world for its unforgettable winter seasons. Deep powder, thriving nightlife, untracked terrain and breathtaking scenery are what make it so special. Whether you’re taking the plunge alone or with a group of mates our Powder Package is the one-stop service to the most memorable experience of your life.

With the globes largest selection of Canadian ski resort partners; Whistler Blackcomb, Big White, Silver Star, Lake Louise, Sunshine Village, Nakiska, Kicking Horse, Grouse Mountain, The Four Seasons - Whistler,  The Best Westin - Whistler, The Bull Dog Hotel & Calabogie Peaks you are sure to land yourself at an authentic Canadian winter wonderland!

With tens of thousands of young people flocking to Canada from all over the world to partake in a ski season it is advisable to secure employment before you leave - not only to save yourself from disappointment but also a small fortune.

We have employment opportunities in a variety of departments including retail, rentals, ski school, central reservations, lift / base operations and food and beverages. Almost all positions provide full training and offer great benefits including staff housing*, free season lift passes*, competitive wages, staff discounts, and invitations to countless social events and parties.

What makes our Powder Package even more attractive is that your employment contract will be secured before you commit to purchasing any flights or travel insurance. That’s right! We fly the HR managers from Canada out to interview you in your home country; June (Australia) July (New Zealand), UK & Europe (August)! Taking the stress and anxiety away from your working holiday experience!

This year it’s your turn to take the plunge! Don’t let another year pass being the one that’s viewing everyone else’s travel updates, photos & posts! Canada 2015 …Let’s do it!

  • The Working Holiday Club will help you secure a job offer from a ski resort or Hotel before you depart your home country by flying the HR managers to interview you. We will NOT offer you job opportunities on arrival like some of the other companies out there. If you are not successful in securing your official job offer direct from our resort partners you will be refunded your program fee. (the deposit payment will be retained by TWHC for admin fees). For more info see Jobs and start date and FAQ for details on pay rates and hours offered.

  • Staff accommodation is offered as part of the job opportunity with most of our major resort partners. When you speak with one of our specialists we will cover the types of accommodation available and the overview of each. For more info see resort partners.

    Whistler Blackcomb - Staff accommodation provided

    Silver Star - Staff accommodation provided

    Big White - Comprehensive Housing assistance provided (Big White has ample seasonal housing opportunities - On Hill

    Nakiska - Staff accommodation provided

    Lake Louise - Staff accommodation provided

    Sunshine Village - Staff accommodation provided in most roles but not guaranteed

    Grouse mountain - Housing assistance provided 

    Kicking horse - Housing assistance only - Golden has ample seasonal housing opportunities

    The Westin Resort & Spa at Whistler - Staff accommodation provided

    Bull Dog Hotel - Housing Assistance Provided (On Hill)

    The Four Seasons  Whistler - Staff Housing Provided

  • A season lift pass entitles you to ski for the entire season FREE of charge. In some instances (mainly with HOTEL type employment) you will receive either discounted ski lift pass or the lift pass fee will be deducted from your wages per week (roughly $10-20). 

    TIP: If you are contemplating heading off on your own and sourcing a job in the local Canadian village you will most likely not have access to free ski lift pass. You also should plan to arrive in Canada in early October to give youself a shot at landing a job before everyone else arrives. Also when researching other options for your working holiday to Canada, it is advisable to ensure that the SKI LIFT PASS is included and GAURANTEED and make sure you have a commitment from your employer as to the hours you will receive (minimum 30)

  • TWHC will invite you to your resort specific closed Facebook group so that you can start connecting with your future work collegues before you even interview with your employer. These forums are great for meeting friends, finding roommates and asking any additional questions.

  • With over 1000 TWHC participants arriving into Vancouver between October-December these parties are known to be some of the wildest nights of the season. With 5 parties (Mon-Fri) each week you surely not going to miss out on one of these see our Facebook for photos. 

  • TWHC Crew receive great discount with our resort partners for ski gear, ski or snowboarding lessons (sometimes free) and food and beverages on the mountain. For more details see resort profiles

  • Applying for your Canadian VISA is not rocket science; however there are quite a few steps that can be tricky and are essential they are done correctly if you are going to have your visa approved. As Club members you will get all the help you need from our Canadian visa team to ensure you get your visa on time for your new adventure. For more info see Canadian Working Visa

  • Due to the success of our 2012 Powder Express bus tours which ultimately provide door-to-door transport from The Samesun Hostel in Vancouver up to your individual ski resorts we will be organizing these once again for 2015/16

    While the Powder Express bus does come at an additional cost we have priced these to be cheaper than catching public transport (Greyhound + bus / taxi). But the best news is we only allow TWHC members to take the Powder Express bus tours so it’s only you and your fellow work mates – giving you yet another opportunity to hang out with your future work mates before arriving up at your resort.

  • Whistler Blackcomb (Australia, UK, European and New Zealand applicant welcome)

    The Four Seasons Whistler - (Australia, UK ,European and New Zealand applicants welcome)

    Silver Star- (Australia, UK ,European and New Zealand applicants welcome)

    Big White– (Australian  and New Zealand applicants only)

    Nakiska - (Australian  and New Zealand applicants only)

    Lake Louise – (Australian  and New Zealand applicants only)

    Sunshine Village- (Australian  and New Zealand applicants only)

    Grouse Mountain- (Australian  and New Zealand applicants only)

    Kicking Horse– (Australian and New Zealand  applicants only)

    The Westin Resort & Spa at Whistler - (Australian  and New Zealand applicants only)

    The Bulldog Hotel– (Australian and New Zealand applicants only)

    Calabogie Peaks - (Australian and New Zealand applicants only)

  • You will need to ensure that you are available to start your working holiday from October / November until the end of April. If you are an Australian university student and you are required to return in February or March you will not be eligible for this adventure. 

    Employment Opportunities Overview

  • The Working Holiday Club has the world’s largest selection of employment opportunities within ski resorts / hotels in Canada. You will have the ability to work in departments such as; food and beverage, rental and retail, lift operations, house keeping, reservations and much more…

    We also have the largest number of pre-arranged employment opportunities for you on offer meaning it’s an easy decision to choose TWHC as your working holiday provider!

    How does it work? Each year Canadian and USA employers are permitted to hire a fixed number of internationals to work each season. We have positioned ourselves as the preferred supplier to introduce you as a seasonal worker with the largest employers in Canada. Why not visit our partners website and see our official status listed,

  • While the accommodation arrangements do vary depending on which ski resort or hotel you will be employed by and sometimes even the position you will be working, in most cases shared housing is provided. When living in staff accommodation rent will usually be deducted from your pay check bi-weekly by the resort directly.

    For more info on each individual resorts accommodation offerings please see resort profiles

  • With tens of thousands of youths flocking to Canada from all over the world to partake in a ski season it is advisable to secure employment before you leave - not only to save yourself from disappointment but also a small fortune. If you take the Hail Mary DIY route it’s important to keep in mind that some season lift passes cost $1600 Canadian Dollars – if you are unsuccessful obtaining a position at the ski resort itself and end up working for the pizza shop or local restaurant you will have to fork this $1600 out before you get on the slopes. Not to mention your first month’s rent and security deposit upfront ($1500-$2500). Our program fee ensures you have a pre-arranged lift pass, guaranteed job and in most cases accommodation before leaving home ………for a fraction of the cost of DIY – not to mention we also take the stress out of the rest of the process such as visas, arrival, banking etc!


Why should I consider this Program?

With literally thousands of young people from all over the world aiming to work in Canadian resorts each season it places a massive strain on the HR departments to keep up with the bombardment of emails and phone calls.

While some resorts do accept direct applications, usually for skilled positions i.e. qualified instructors, the majority use the services of agencies to recruit internationals on their behalf.

Over the last 7 years The Working Holiday Club has established itself as an international working holiday specialist, providing expert and relevant advice and assistance to the Australian working holiday market. In 2011 the Powder Program was also launched in the UK & Europe, filling a demand from the resorts for a wider range of nationalities and languages. By working closely with the HR managers at each resort we ensure they get to interview the right candidates for each role; giving TWHC an enviable success rate, furthermore this initiative has become the preferred hiring method for many large resorts to fill their international hiring needs and many resorts now use it exclusively to hire from overseas. In Australia we are the preferred supplier of working holiday solutions for Student Flights, Flight Centre and Escape Travel; all organisations that expect great service for their hard won customers.

Every year department managers advise the resort HR teams of the next season hiring needs. These requirements are passed to TWHC in January and you get the opportunity to be interviewed by the resort in your home country at our annual hiring fairs in the summer. Our experienced team will screen you for the role and coach you through the interview; as long as you can demonstrate you have personality, character and enthusiasm and have experience or the potential to provide excellent customer service you will be successful.

However in the unlikely event we fail to secure you an offer from any of our partner resorts we have a no quibble refund policy.

We are all experienced travellers that care about our customers, that’s why we are able to create the best Canadian working holiday program on the market.

Whether you are looking at taking the plunge alone or with a group of friends the Powder Pack is your one stop shop to one of, if not the greatest experiences of your life!